"Liquid dampened her panties and her nipples tightened." -- "Moisture dripped from her pussy at the intimacy of his touch and tiny flutters pulsed in her vagina." -- "His hand slid lower until it was between her legs, his fingers prodding at her pussy through the thick fabric of her slacks. 'Wet already.'" -- "And when he dared to reach between her legs and feel her cunt he was delighted to feel the moisture seeping through her slacks. Hot and wet." -- "He wondered what her pussy tasted like -- her juices that seemed to flow so easily. Strawberries, he guessed. Ripe red ones that burst when you bit into them. He wanted to suck it all down his throat, swallow it until it seeped into every inch of his body. He nearly drove off the road trying to imagine what her clit looked like and the inner flesh of her vagina." -- "She imagined Connor's mouth on all the intimate parts of her body -- her breasts, her nipples, her cunt that was now pouring fluids into the crotch of her already dampened panties." -- "The sensation was so erotic she felt more liquid seep from her cunt. She knew by now her panties were drenched." -- "The evidence of her arousal trickled down the inside of one thigh and heat suffused her." -- "He moved his head back, his lips and chin wet with her cream. 'You taste like strawberries, just as I imagined.' He licked his lips." -- "His breath hissed as his eyes feasted on her weeping slit." -- "With every lick she felt her juices flow, pouring onto his tongue." -- "Erotic images intensified, beating at her like an internal drum and warm liquid trickled out to bathe her heated flesh." -- "Connor took a long time pressing the fudge into the slickness of Meredith's vaginal sheath. Lean fingers that shook slightly at the sweet feelings of her pussy rubbed the gooey taste treat into her tissues, reveling in the feel of her slick walls. Each time he reached inside her his fingers danced along the quivering flesh, rubbing lightly to coat her with the thick confection. Occasionally he would pinch her clit with his other hand, not hard, just enough that more of her cream released onto his hand." -- "But rather than frightening her, it heightened her desire, mande her juices flow more and the walls of her pussy quiver." -- "At the moment she was sure her body would betray her and erupt in a fountain of pleasure, he lifted his head just enough to look at her. 'All right, sweetheart. I'm ready to taste your juices mixed with that delicious candy. I want all that sweetness dripping onto my tongue, your plump pussy lips clasping around me.'" -- "The muscles of her pussy clamped around his fingers, her body shook and she poured into his mouth." -- "His lips, still coated with candy and her own wetness, pressed kisses to her forehead, her temples, her cheeks." -- "Even immersed in the water she could feel her pussy juices flooding again and the muscles quaking." -- "Already her cream was running again, easing the way for him." -- "She was devoured, consumed, her essence pouring from her in a copious flow." -- "The idea made her feel uncomfortable yet at the same time the idea turned her on so much she could feel her arousal already dripping from her cunt." -- "Connor touched her vaginal opening with one fingertip. 'Wet already. I love it. You know, I'd have to say the emeralds are more than doing their job.' Something was, she thought, if she was this wet again so soon. 'Pull the lips of your cunt apart,' he told her, 'and let me see inside you. Yes, that's it. Oh, God, what a luscious pussy.' He dragged his finger through the cream seeping from her, then put it to his lips, licking it clean." -- "She did as he asked and at once the tremors increased and more liquid gushed from her." -- "Meredith didn't even need to wet them with her saliva, she was already so juicy. Her fingers easily slid inside her dripping sheath and she began moving them back and forth." -- "Move those cum-soaked fingers for me, sweet thing, and hold yourself open." -- "Her fingers were soaked with her juices and her clit felt as if it were on fire." -- "Her head was thrown back, the muscles in her neck taut and cream poured from her pussy drenching his thumbs and running down to that luscious ass." -- "He wished he could stretch her pussy wider, peer all the way to the mouth of the womb and see that delicious cream begin its journey through that hungry channel." -- "He wanted to plunge his face into her flesh, to lap up the delectable cream dripping from her and swallow it into himself." -- "Meredith's hands holding his head made him suddenly aware that he was still lapping at her, still licking up the last drops of liquid." -- "Her mouthwatering cream glistened on her skin, tempting him until her had to bite his tongue to keep from thrusting it into her. Her curls glistened with moisture and he combed his fingers through them, loving the feel of them against his skin. They felt like a kitten's pelt, satiny and delicate." (Their typo, not ours.) -- "He slid up her body and pressed his mouth to hers, the wetness of her delicious juices still on his lips." -- "I could drink from your pussy all day and all night." -- "As he lapped at her he slid two fingers into her cunt, maneuvering them against the heated tissues that she knew were already soaked. She was sure her juices were dripping out of her again but her body, exhausted as it was, seemed to have a mind of its own." -- "Without a word he dragged his fingers from her dripping pussy and rubbed her cream around her anus, then carried some inside with his finger." -- "In spite of herself she responded, the walls of her vaginal sheath beginning to quiver and her cream pouring into his hand." -- "She couldn't breathe as the contractions seized her body and her juices poured into his hand." -- Emerald Green -- Desiree Holt