Stewie: "It's an invitation to Meg's party! I'm the party planner. You have to RSVP. You can do it right now if you want!" Brian: "Alright, fine, I'll come to Meg's party." Stewie: "No, you have to call the RSVP line." (hands Brian two cans attatched by string) Brian: "You've gotta be kidding me." Stewie: "I'm waiting." Brian: *sighs* "Ring... ring... aren't you gonna pick it up?" Stewie: "No, I'm not gonna pick it up on the first few rings! I'm busy! Maybe I'm in the other room."Brian: "Ring, ring... ring, ring... ring, ring... ri -- OH, COME ON!" Stewie: *picks up, says in high-pitched voice* "Hello?" Brian: "Stewie?" Stewie: "No, this is Stewie's housekeeper, Mrs. Pennyapple. I'll see if he's in. Stewie! Stewie! *back to regular voice* Yes, Mrs. Pennyapple? *high-pitched voice* You've got a telephone call! *regular voice* Who is it? *high-pitched voice* He didn't say! *regular voice* Well, find out, would you? *to Brian in high-pitched voice* Who is this?" Brian: "It's Brian." Stewie: *high-pitched voice "It's Brian. *regular voice* Oh, Brian! Probably RSVPing about Megan's party! *picks up can* Hello, Brian!" Brian: "Hi, Stewie." Stewie: "What can I do for you?" Brian: "I'm coming to Meg's party." Stewie: "Oh, splendid! Just give your information to Mrs. Pennyapple. *high-pitched voice* Hello, it's Mrs. Pennyapple again! Shall I put you down for two, Brendan?" Brian: "Brian." Stewie: *high-pitched voice* "Ryan." Brian: "BRIAN." Stewie: *high-pitched voice* "Mitchell." Brian: "What?" Stewie: *high-pitched voice* "Goodbye!"